Ozeri Oscillating Tower Fan Review

Ozeri Oscillating Tower Fan Review

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How comfortable do you want to be while you’re in our room: 50%, 78%, 99.99% or 100%? For those that see for 100%, you’re at the right place. That’s made possible with 60, 90, 120 and 360 degrees options. As users can’t utilize the partial or full oscillation of fan, isn’t that awesome?

Of course, we’ll shop with you and satisfy your wants with our packaged Ozeri oscillating tower fan review. The review presents you a modern-fit floor tower fan that is capable to mesmerize and impress your visitor, as its well fashioned designs.

The Ozeri 360 tower fan oscillates to offer you absolute air circulation with three quiet speed settings. Not only is it capable to provide you with quiet functions, but with its LCD multi-color display, you can be sure of irresistible optimal use.

The fan also uses handy remote for optimal use of the fan. In fact, you can pre-program the fan timer into 8 hours. It utilizes 200 micro blades to offer you with the necessary air circulation that will enhance the comfort of your home.

For convenient cleaning of the tower fan, the design is so fascinating that it can be dismantled and be coupled with ease. Though the tower fan can’t be adjusted but its 42 inches height is just perfect for home fits. In fact the purchase is nice as it comes in black and silver coated designs.

The review looks forward to making the subject seem comprehensive. As we’ll be enumerating the five amazing features of the tower fan.

Ozeri Oscillating Tower Fan Review | 5 Major Features

1. Complete Air Circulation with Quiet Speed Setting

Looking for a fan that enhances human comfort then this fan makes it happen. Then this fan makes it happen. As it can oscillate at 60, 90, 120, and 360 degrees. So users can opt which degree of comfort they want to utilize.

The Ozeri 360 tower fan functions well at 60, 90 degrees in terms of minimization of sounds but at 120 and 360 degrees it makes whine sounds, and when it works for hours it increase it sounds.

The Ozeri tower fan has three speed setting. These speed settings can be used for all the degrees in the oscillating options. They make absolute fair sounds, in fact you can only hear the sound when you place your ear at the vents.

2. 200 Stagger Micro-Blades With Noiseless Motion

The oscillating tower fan has over 200 stagger micro–blades that operate in cylindrical motion. The movements of the blades is so quiet that you rarely hear any sound. While operating the blade users can decipher the corrections in the setting by checking the LCD screen display.

The emoji and other screen displays are enough to be understood by anyone. In fact, it has thermostat that shows user the amount of temperature in the room.

This would help users to set the fan to the appropriate speed rate. It thermostat can be set for two hours intervals. The combination of this tower fan just make it suitable for complimenting luxurious living.

3. Space-Saving Design

The Ozeri oscillating fan is not bulky like many fan, but it can be carried from one place to another around the room. It fits perfectly into tight spaces. That means users can use it for mini apartments.

The assembling of the fan is quite unique, in fact another thing that made customers to award accolades to the fan is the ability to clean the air filter. With the Ozeri oscillating tower fan review you can be ensured of proper maintenance of the fan. For cleaning, just remove the air filter from its unit and run warm water over it.

Wipe the water off the water with clean cloth. It has a dimension of 6 x 6 x 38 inches. It has a sleek design and an inbuilt space behind the straight streamlined body where remote can be hide. Right at the top of the fan, there are six buttons for manual operations.

4. Three Pre-programmable Settings

Users utilize its pre-programmable settings to maximize their comfort after a hectic day. The fan can be programmed from 30 minutes to eight hours. Which helps users to enjoy it for longer period without compromise.

The pre-programmed setting help users to advance their sleep, comfort and relaxation. With the settings, and the three whisper settings, you can be sure of quality use of the product.

5. Remote Control

The Ozeri 360 oscillating fan uses small remote for the operation of the fan. You don’t have to be close to the fan before using the remote, as it works even when it’s used at long distance.

The remote has seven buttons for switching on/off the fan, set the time, for preset and so on. The designs on the remote are unique and the depiction is easy even by kids.

The battery can be fixed at the back of the remote, all one has to do is pull off the attached cover and the batteries go in flawlessly.

Why Should You Use Ozeri Oscillating Tower Fan?

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1. Quality Reviews

The Ozeri tower fan has won relevance in the market place due to its persistence in providing customers with features that are ultimately needed by customers.

On Amazon, it has over 60% positive reviews from customers and the niggling comments are minor which resulted to low/lack of maintenance.

2. Easy To Assemble

Looking for product that won’t “sap” lot of your time while assembling, then it’s this product. The package consist of manual book, remote, and five screws. With the book, you can just assemble it effortlessly.

3. Noiseless

One credibility that this Ozeri 360 fan can’t be denied of is the noiseless quality. It doesn’t make noise even when using at high oscillating degrees. Continuous working of the fan doesn’t cause it to make irritating sounds.

4. Fascinating Designs

The designs are unique and it can represent at anywhere in the room. The inimitable function of this features are just incomparable to other tower fans.

5. Remote Use

For convenient use of fan for patients, you’ll need a product that provide you optimum comfort. The remote is handy and it’s super reliable for long range operation. It’s just the best answer for clinic, hotel and co-operate center uses.

  • Lightweight
  • It has cord
  • It comes with packages
  • The oscillating fan is backed with a warranty.
  • It utilizes manual and automatic options
  • It has LCD display
  • The model has oscillates in various degrees to 360
  • Its thermostat is programmable
  • The three settings are quiet
  • With time, it starts dwindling in its quality (if it’s not properly maintained).

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does the ‘target temperature’ mean?

Answer: The target temperature works with the thermostat, as it helps your fan to work automatically by working with the aim to maintain the temperature preset on the thermostat.

  1. Can the fan use memory preset?

Answer: Yes, but just for the temperature alone.

  1. Can it be adjusted from oscillation, and make it function upward and downward?

Answer: No. It only utilizes for oscillating features.

  1. Is the height adjustable?

Answer: No, it’s not.

  1. Is this fan a heater?

Answer: No. It’s cool air.

Final Verdict

The review is detailed at providing users with quality piece of information that aid easy purchase. This review impugns potential users to be left with no option but to procure the quality fan. It has quality timer and it’s lightweight.

In fact the review illustrated the cons and the pros of the product. It’s not as complex as others when it comes to it assembling as it gives you zero stress.

The purchase is also fair as its quality is a nice compliment to every luxurious home. It’s noiseless and it has quality timing options. These all make it recommendable.

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