Lasko 4930 35 Remote Control Oscillating High Velocity Fan Review

Are you looking for a tower fan? If yes, then we are there to help you make the best decision. Our 4930 35 Remote Control Oscillating High Velocity Fan review takes you step by step through what you need to know about the appliance.

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Well, it has met the local and international safety standards, and has a safety pin to prevent electrical mishaps. The remote controls allow you to switch on/off and change the speed from wherever you are in the room.

Do not worry because your room is big. It oscillates when running tremendously increasing the area covered by ordinary fans. This is just an insight, explore the content to learn more about the features, benefits, and cons.

Lasko 4930 35 Remote Control Oscillating High Velocity Fan Review – 5 Major Features

1. Patented Fused Safety Plug

Safety plug is an essential component of appliances. Lasko 4930 fan has a patented fused safety pin for safety purposes.

You are protected from electrical fault due to electrical surge and appliance failure. Once the problem is detected, the fuse cuts the power off and the fan goes off. Not only does it prevent fire, but also protect your gadget from being damaged.

Afterwards, you can contact your technician to undertake maintenance. The fan is among the products listed in the ETL further illustrating that it adheres to stringent safety standards.

2. Remote Control and Timer

Why purchase a manual fan while there is a remote controlled variance in the market? You do not have to keep moving where the fan is to change the modes.

The remote does it for you. Whether you want to change the speeds or put it on/off, that is not your responsibility. Let the remote do it.

Just place the gadget next to you as you relax on the sofa. You can use the timer to set the fan running time to save energy and of course the hard earned dollar.

3. Multiple Speeds

You have experience with single speed fans. I know you have either at home or your workplace or somewhere else. The level of cooling remains same.

It is good if you have no other option, but not good enough. We have good news for you. This fan has 3 speeds. It has low, medium, and high speed settings. You can now enjoy a range of cooling depending on your taste. If it is too hot, high speed does a marvelous job.

4. High-Powered Motor

You may have had a fan that keeps on failing. The air might be cool now and then warm in the next minute. Then the motor might be the problem.

Lasko 4930 has a commercial-grade motor for continuous optimal performance. Particularly, it is for running the fan specifically not any other device.

Once you have plugged the fan to the socket, it will run tirelessly. It will never give air with fluctuating temperature unless you change the speed. You will enjoy the cool breeze every day without any hitch.

5. Oscillation and Louvered Air Flow

Oscillation may be a new concept, but it is awesome. Lasko 4930 makes left to right movements at an angle of 180% to increase the covered area.

If it was a traditional fan, you would have bought a bigger fan to ensure the person on far most corner enjoys cool air. Additional, it has louvers for efficient air entry and exit. The fan cleans and cools more quantity of air at a given time. Thus, your room will be always fresh and cool.

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Why should you use Lasko 4930 35 Remote Control Oscillating High Velocity Fan?

1. Easy to Install

Some fans brands come in parts and you have to hire a technician to assemble them. Well, you do not have to incur more expenses. Lasko 4930 35 Remote Control Oscillating High Velocity Fan is fully assembled immediate use. You just plug it to the socket like other small appliances.

2. Portable

You do not have to hold the base and the top or the body to carry it. It has a grip handle on the side for easier mobility. Since it is light, you can hold it with one hand and take it to wherever it is needed.

3. Low Maintenance Cost

The fan is made of highly durable materials. The outer cover is sturdy and it won’t crumble due to pressure. Likewise, the inner parts are equally strong and will operate for years without failure.  If there is a break down, it is usually minor.

4. 3 speeds

What more do you need if the fan has 3 speeds? With Lasko 4930, agony of living in uncomfortable while you have a fan is over. Depending on the warmth degree and comfort you need, you can adjust the speed easily.

5. Safe

You never know when the fan malfunctions. Besides adhering with international and local safety standards, it is fitted with a patented fused safety pin. The safety pin is there to safeguard you against the unknown. It cuts fan power when it happens.

  • Safe for home and office use
  • Has oscillation capability
  • It is affordable
  • Has a grip-handle
  • Has multiple speeds
  • Commercial-grade motor
  • Made of durable materials
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Light weight hence portable
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Has no breeze mode

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is safety guaranteed?

Yes. The fan is ETL listed and it has a safety pin

  1. How long does it last?

It lasts for years

  1. Do you have to assemble it?

No. It is fully assembled

  1. How many speeds does it have?

It has 3 speeds

  1. Is it manual?

You can operate it either manually or with a remote

Final verdict

Lasko 4930 35 Remote Control Oscillating High Velocity Fan is surely a masterpiece. The awesome design couples well with your home décor and office furnishing.

Its elegancy competes with none. Its slender shape and neutral colors are stylish and welcoming. The performance is always at the optimal level.

The era of noisy fans is now gone and it is possible to sleep while the fan is running. Definitely, this is the brand that the people were longing for.

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