Lasko 4443 40″ Hybrid Fan Review

If you are one who is sensitive to sounds then using fans that make sounds of high pitch won’t be best for you. Of course you consented but that annul the fact that you’ve tried several times but most products you’ve bought have not helped.

Then, why can’t you consider using our Lasko 4443 40” hybrid fan review as we bring to you what you need to purchase a quality fan. The Lasko hybrid fan enhances human stand living with the level of designs.

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It produces quality amount of air-blow to cool the room. In fact, it stands is so fascinating that it suits any place in the house that users may decide to place it.                   

The Lasko 4443 40” hybrid fan is not adjustable but it has admirable standing height which is 40 inches. Users can also enjoy the level of convenience while using the fan with its remote. Though there are buttons on the fan which users can use instead of remote.

What about its potency during summer? Of course this exceptional. Users can enjoy the Lasko hybrid fan’s optional three speed operations. The three speed offers different frequencies of air-blow to the room.

The assembling of the fan is not hectic at all. In fact five minute is late for the assembling. We have not forgot to tell you the magnificent 94 degrees optional oscillation which helps you to sleep safe without any impediment.

For comprehensive reasons, let’s consider the five amazing features of the subject.

Lasko 4443 40″ Hybrid Fan Review | 5 Major Features

1. Packages

The Lasko hybrid fan comes in box and petite bag. The base, the Philip screw, the remote and the manual come with the hybrid fan. The manual serves as the potent guide that directs users in on assembling it.

The assembling shouldn’t exceed five minute – no one is a novice when it comes to this. The fan is bulky and it’s hybrid. That means it doesn’t function as other normal tower fans, but it force out the air from the vents by propelling the blade in upward and downward motion from the horizontal fan base.

2. Widespread Motion

 The Lasko 4443 model has its manual operation at the zenith of the fan. It has dimensional air flow. In fact the dimensional air flow has been one of the major features customer looks forward to seeing. This hybrid fan has three speed setting which is superb enough for any weather condition.

What does that mean? It means at setting1 the speed seems to slow but it works well. It provides air-flow of 10.73m/h. At setting2 you’ll get the air pump of 13.5m/h and at the setting3, it pumps out air-flow of about 15.44m/h.

Not only that, users can opt if the motion of the blade should be oscillatory or directional louver. As the both options provides absolutely the same comfort for users in terms of widespread and frequency.

3. Space-Saving Designs

The Lasko 4443 40”fan is not adjustable but it’s dependable as it has large streamlined vertical body with nice aperture which aids in pumping large amount of air. Behind the vents where air is pumped out, there is an inbuilt handle where an individual can place his/her hand for easy carriage.

And also, right at the base there is a hook beneath the handle where remote can be store. Although it’s bulky yet it doesn’t occupy space. As its dimension is 12.3 x 12 x 39.2 inches. The design is intriguing that it can be placed at any part of the home s it will still look fit.

4. Remote Use   

 The remote of the Lasko 4443 40 inches hybrid fan is handy and awesome. The remote works when you point it straight at the fan. The remote has four buttons, they are round-like buttons that helps users to switch it on/off. It helps in oscillation of the blades.

With the remote you can use it to switch the light on/off. It also have button to regulate the speed rates. The unfortunate thing is that it doesn’t have timer but it makes no noise that will be too bad for your comfort.

5. Patented Fuse Safety Plug

 The fan has patented fuse safety plug. The safety plug helps in the perfect management of electric supply entering into the fan. The plug is made of two “mouthed” iron that can easily be fixed into socket. With the cord, you can be sure of maximum comfortable use.

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Why Should You Use Lasko 4443 40″ Hybrid Fan?

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1. Easy Assembling

 The Lasko 4443 40” hybrid fan is a powerful in terms of its functions. It’s very easy to assemble as it can easily be understood with the help of its pictorial depictions. The package makes all easy with the Philip screws, manual book and the remote inside.

2. Dependable

 The Lasko 4443 hybrid fan can be purchased with the help of this review. The hybrid fan works longer for hours without breakdown. The bulkiness of the fan doesn’t affect its quality negatively. As it’s capable to supply all the wants of every family.

3. Noiseless

 This product makes no irritating sound even when it’s at the highest speed option. The review explicitly illustrated the amount of noise it generate each time it’s on. Apart from that, users also enjoy it ability to be used in providing air flow in long range.

4. Quality Features

 The features of this product are perfect to enhance any home’s enjoyment. It air pumps are superb that it circulate the room completely. It can be placed at a comfortable area and it will spread all into the room.

5. Remote

The Lasko hybrid fan of 4443 model with remote is easy to use. The remote works well and it uses 2AAA battery for it operation. It’s well awesome as it’s petite enough to be kept inside pockets.

  • Three comfort settings
  • Highly reliable
  • It occupies little space
  • Uses remote
  • It’s noiseless
  • The fan can be operated manually and automatically
  • It height is 40 inches
  • It has nightlight for visibility
  • Bulky
  • Not adjustable
  • No timer

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What stuff is the voltage and other details?

Answer: It operates with 110volts A/C, it has a remote and it is assembled

  1. How great is it with carpet? The stand looks likes it will wobble?

Answer: Yes it’s good for carpet and trust me it doesn’t wobble while using it on carpet.

  1. Is it a heat?

Answer: No! It blows cool air. The best fan in summer period.

  1. Can it be used for outdoor activities?

Answer: The manufacturer recommend it for indoor use only.

Final Verdict

The bottom line of the Lasko 4443 40” hybrid fan review is that for every one who needs to keep ample space while using a durable, long lasting fan is referred to purchase this product.

The fan is not adjustable but it comes with a perfect size and it directional louver fanning goes up and down to give proper air pump to the home.

It can be operated both manually and with the help of remote. In fact, due to the fact that it’s made of metal its very dependable as it last long. It’s recommendable for every person that desires the best heat solution.

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