How To Clean a Tower Fan – The Perfect Step To Maintain

How To Clean a Tower Fan

If you’ve not been cleaning your tower fan, because you need instructions on how to clean your tower fan before starting. You’re at the right place as this article is capable to guide you through all your demands. In case you seek for reasons you should consistently clean your tower fan.

I’d want you to know that the tower fan is just like regular fans, improper maintenance of the tower fans can lead to air blockage. Apart from dwindling the functions of the tower fan, it causes the fan to blow out dust and debris. Then your tower fan becomes not attractive again.

The consequence of negligence in proper cleaning of the power fan is enormous. But the major penalty that users encounter if they fail to clean their tower fan, is that the operation of the fan will surely be shortened.

So in order to avoid unnecessary speeding of money and replacing of the fan, one must make sure to maintain the tower fan on regular basis. Are you timid that the fan can break or be mishandled in your hands and that could cost you expenses?

Perhaps you’re tired of cleaning it as it seems ineffective. So the inquiries would be “how to clean a tower fan?” I guess. Of course, that all you need to proffer an answer to all questions.

The article sets to break down the systematic way which is capable to help users in achieving their goals. The article is just perfect for easy cleaning, easy assembling, and proper maintenance of the fan as it covers all sphere of the varieties of tower fans products.

8 Things To Consider About The How To Clean A Tower Fan:

1. Personal Cleaning

The cleanliness of ones’ environment encompasses cleaning of the floor alone. It consists the absolute removal of dust tendencies from one’s environment. The design of the tower fans is basically for indoor uses.

And it’s mostly placed on the floor, so it’s advisable that the ground should be well cleaned before placing the fan indoor. Provided you use a vacuum cleaner for the cleaning of your rugs, then you’d have to displace the position of your tower fan.

Put the tower fan in a place that is safe for the tower fan to escape the cloud of dust. Once all the cleaning of the whole environment is done, then you can place it back to where it belongs.

2. Safety Wears

The safety wear is the optional section to be considered. The safety wear is recommended for those who are allergic to dust and debris.

For such persons, it’s advisable that user put on eyewear, mask, apron, hand gloves, nose protector or so. The safety wear prevents the dust from penetrating into the nostril, while on the other hand, the hand gloves prevent your hand from becoming dirty.

Of course, wearing apron goes a long way in keeping you in absolute cleanliness. By adhering to these standards, you can be sure of cleaning your tower fan while you’re not staining yourself with dirt and debris.

3. Observing Safety Measures

The safety measures are standards to be considered for the preservation of lives. The lifespan of the product to be precise.

  1. Get a brush for the compression air can before cleaning it.
  2. Make sure that the cord is disconnected from the socket before going further.
  3. Fold the plug, in order to prevent straining the cord.
  4. Try to find out the parts of the tower fan that needs to be repaired.
  5. Then get a large bowl or a large container for proper care of the dust.
  6. Then you can start dismantling the tower fan, only if your tower fan has a panel.

4. Dismantling The Panels

The article is profound at helping our audience on proper disassembling of the tower fan. The dissembling of the fan should before or on every six months. This is to keep absolute watch on the use of the fan and enjoy it for a long period of time.

And the dismantling should start from the control panel of the tower fan. The panel is the upper part of the fan that has the electrical part, and buttons. So here are tips that will help you in ease dismantling of the fan.

  1. First, locate the part of the tower fan that the screw can be found.
  2. Use the screwdriver to unlatch the Philip screws from the plastic.
  3. Gently remove the control panel from the tower fan. The control panel is where the wires that connect all the fan are all jointed. So it should be handled with care.
  4. Use the flat screwdriver to loosen the screw and separate the two plastic covers.
  5. Draw out the interior micro-blades.

5. Switch The (Air Compressor) Can On

The cleaning of the air compressor with brush help users to remove the dust that might have caused air blockages. The air compressor helps in pumping out air through the base, and it has a motor that spins it. So while cleaning the tower fan, you can switch it on and use the brush to clean the dust.

6. Clean The Tower Fan

Now that you’re done with the dismantling of the tower fan. You can carefully remove the micro-blades and clean the blades. I know you might have tried cleaning it with cold water.

However, because it’s made of plastic blades, then you’d have to use warm water. You can get a clean cloth to clean each of the blades discreetly.

7. Assemble The Panel Of The Tower Fan

Now that you’re done with the cleaning of the tower fan. Fix in the blades and the control panel back to where they were at the initial.

Please note that improper fixing of the blades, plastic covers, and the panel can cause the screw not to be properly tightened. Then, once you’re done, pick up the Philip screws and pry them to where they belong. Then plug the fuse to the power supply, in order to verify if its contents are well arranged.

8. Enjoy Your Tower Fan

Provided you’ve cleaned your fan both inward and outward, the next thing to do is to enjoy the fan. The cleaning of the fan will help the fan to work flawlessly, as there won’t be air blocking the air flow. It’ll increase the attractiveness of your fan. In fact, it’ll look as being refurbished. This will surely add to the luxury of your homes.

Final Verdict

The article aid users to prolong the use of their tower fan. The article enlightens users to effectively clean the fan. With our article, you can now dismantle the tower fan and assemble it.

For those who are allergic to dust and debris. You can use safety wear to keep safe from dust; the opening of the control panel should be done carefully and it should be cleaned with a brush.

The 2 inches screwdriver is recommended for proper prying of the screws. In fact, the cleaning is now easy with this article as you can just bring out the best of maintenance with this article.

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