How Do Tower Fans Work?

How Do Tower Fans Work..

Definitely, it’s daunting to opt for a fan. Especially if you’re changing your course of interest from one fan to another. Maybe from pedestal fan to ceiling fan, then to tower fan. Although these fans seem to be unique on their own, yet the tower fan seems to be modern among them.

In terms of designs, the tower fans are streamlined with reasonable height. Unlike pedestal fan, you can rarely adjust tower fans’ height. But think about the luxury fit of your home then the tower fan seems to take the lead. Some tower fans have LCD display for apt visibility by users.

In fact many mistake hybrid fans to tower fans, but they are different in the real sense. Due to the fact that the hybrid fans is bulky and pumps more air than the tower fans.

Unlike the tower fans, but the hybrid fans force out the air from the vents by moving the blade up and down right from the horizontal fan base. Despite this qualities, prospective buyers have always asked: “how do tower fans work?” In other words, what should a potential buyer expect before buying the tower fans?

The article is profound at showing the basic qualities that the tower fans have. The article looks forward to helping readers by breaking down the considerable factors into points, for comprehension purposes.

8 Things To Consider About How Do Tower Fans Work:

1. Easy Assembling With Lightweight

For easy cleaning, the tower fans are designed in a manner that it can easily be dismantled and assembled. In fact with its package, assembling of the tower fan is easy.

The package consists of the base, the remote, and Philip screws. The users of the fan use its manual book’s that consists of the pictorial depictions of the assembling of the tower fan. Its construction is superb as it’s made of sleek form with streamlined structure.

There are an inbuilt handle and a remote hook behind the fan. The fan hook helps in keeping the remote at a fixed point while the inbuilt handle helps users to move the fan from one place to another. The tower fans are incomparable to hybrid fans as the tower fans are lightweight. The tower fan has a free-space design that makes the fans to be used even in mini apartments.

2. Remote Control   

Many fan manufacturers use the remote in other to enhance the flexibility of users in the use of fans. The remote of the tower fan can’t be compared to others as it can function even at long range. Some other remotes are small that aged users find it difficult to press the buttons.

But the tower remotes have good designs that help users to decipher and interpret what each button is meant for. Users don’t have to go closer to the fan before the fan responds to the user’s command, as users can conveniently operate it even at long range.

3. Timer

Customers looking for a modern fan for purchase, one of the features they seek for, is the TIMER. The timer helps users to sleep with their fan. The tower fans have been customers’ favorite when it comes to this.

As users can preset their fan for long period of time before the fan stop operating. What makes the timer of the tower fans unique is that some can be set from half an hour to hours.

The timer is one of the exciting parts of every fan. The reason is that it sleeps with you, it doesn’t wake-up with you. If this feature is what you look for in fans then you can trust the tower fan more.

4. Noise Reduction Technology

Many purchase fan for various purposes. One of the main features potential looks forward to seeing before opting for their fan is the noise tendencies. The tower fans come with noise reduction technology which helps to reduce the intensity of the fan.

Another thing that helps in tranquil use of this fan is that it uses micro-blades to carry out its operations. Though the Hybrid fans produce more air-pump than the tower fan, yet it makes sounds.

But in tower fans, you’ll rarely hear the sounds of the fan unless you place your ear at the vent for perfect listening. The fan is just perfect for luxurious use as it’s mostly placed indoor. You can depend on it for perfect usage.

5. Oscillation Air-Pump

Fans have various forms at which they produce their air. Modern fans now use oscillating motion or directional louver. The directional louver causes the fan to wave air at users in a particular direction while the oscillatory air-pump of the fan breeze users at directions in measurable angles.

Some can operate at a specific angle while some operate at variable degrees. The common degrees that tower fans operate are 60, 90, 120 and 360 degrees.

This is to enhance their convenience as users can opt for their preferred degrees. Please note that tower fans don’t use the directional louver for its air pump. The oscillation air-pump helps the whole room to be circulated with air.

6. Target Temperature

Many manufacturers are trying to supersede their competitors by introducing innovations to their constructions in the fan industry. This has propelled most tower fan manufacturers to embrace the use of LCD display, to enhance the products’ opulence.

This brought about this fascinating feature: “target temperature”. What the target temperature is all about is that it helps to keep the room at a particular temperature.

In other words, this operates automatically by switching on the fan when the room temperature is not at a particular temperature. And it does otherwise when the room is circulated with air. Of course, tower fan is an air-cool fan.

7. Pre-set   

For everyone who needs a 100% comfort, the tower fan is recommended. It has pre-programmed options that help users to relax, and feel comfortable.

What the preset options are meant for is just to help users who are aged from the misuse of the fan. As they don’t have to bother changing from one speed to another.

In fact, do you know that the tower fans operate at several speed rates? The tower fans are silent even when sound is reproduced at the different intensity in particular degrees and rates.

8. Easy To Use

The tower fans can easily be cleaned, though it vents are not easy to bend in most tower fans. They are costly but they are widely used all around the world in hospitals, homes, and hotels. In fact, the construction makes repairing and the assembling of the fan easy. What you’ve to do is remove the air filter and use warm water to clean. Isn’t that easy? Of course, it is.

Final Verdict

The article is dependable for easy purchase of tower fans. The article made comparisons of the fans to other fans and gave where the tower fans are limited in use and where they are exceptional to use.

The writer buttressed that those that seek dependable fans that are adjustable should go for pedestal fan. Likewise, did the writer illustrated some qualities that differentiated hybrid fans from the tower fans.

The writer listed heftiness, sounds, the inability of the air pump to travel far. As these seem to be the limitation of hybrid fans. The writer illustration of the tower fans has been so exquisite.

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