Holmes HTF3110A-WM 31-Inch Oscillating Tower Fan Review

Buying an office or home fan can be a tedious exercise for the people who have purchased before and those who haven’t. Because of the rapidly changing technology, new designs are arriving in the market throughout.

Holmes HTF3110A-WM 31-Inch Oscillating Tower Fan Review

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Our Holmes HTF3110A-WM 31-Inch Oscillating Tower Fan Review gives information on its features, reasons for buying, benefits, cons, and FAQs. It has oscillation capacity thus increasing the space covered.

The multiple modes enable you to change the speeds, adjust the thermostat, and put on auto switch-off for maximum comfort. You can control it with a remote while on the couch watching TV or listening to music or at the bed resting. Besides, it requires little maintenance lowering the repair cost.

Holmes HTF3110A-WM 31-Inch Oscillating Tower Fan Review – 5 Major Features

1. Oscillation

Oscillation is the movement of the fan from left to right. However, it doesn’t complete 360 degrees. It is either completes 90 or 180 degrees angle.

Unlike the breezing mode that releases the cooled air in specific direction, oscillation allows air circulation in different directions. In the breezing mode, air exits through the holes which usually face unilateral direction.

Besides, oscillation mode increases the area covered by the fan. The movement helps in dispersing the air in higher speeds hence serving a larger space. If it is a traditional fan, you have to buy a bigger fan.

2. 3 Speed Settings

Individuals purchase a fan to increase comfort at home or in the office. However, you may not get the anticipated comfort if the settings of the gadget are not ideal. To take care of the concern, Holmes technicians put 3 speed settings.

These are low, medium and high modes. When the room is a bit cooler, you put it at a low setting. During hot and stuffy days, high modes work fine. Nonetheless, the comfort that you want to have is the main factor that guides you.

3. Slim and Light Weight

The tower fan measures 7.5 in x 6 in x 31 in. Compared to the stand and traditional fans, it is smaller in size except, but the height is elevated. This is an advantage since it occupies a smaller space.

It can easily fit in your bedroom, living room and office. You do not have to squeeze your items to make space for it. Besides, it is light in weight. You can easily carry it to from one room to another holding it by the carry-handle.

4. Quality materials

Since it is light and placed on the floor without a screwed mounting, the fan is prone to accidental fall. A person who is unaware of its presence can easily trip it over causing damage if he moves backward.

To cushion it from such unfortunate events, the maker chose a metallic casing over plastic. The interior components are commercial grade.

They can operate for several hours without a hitch and lowering its optimal performance. Likewise, they are not prone to perennial break down.

5. Remote Control and adjustable Thermostat

Holmes tower fan has a remote and auto shut-off control system. You switch on/off and change the modes without moving an inch from where you are.

It has a control panel for manual operation. If the remote fails which is very rare, you can use the manual control. The appliance has also the auto-switch off features that allow customers to set the time they want it to go off.

Additional, the thermostat can be adjusted manually or digitally. This helps in configuring of temperature levels for utmost comfort.

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Why should you use Holmes HTF3110A-WM 31-Inch Oscillating Tower Fan?

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1. Durable

Durability of the fan is not in doubt given the caliber of materials used in its construction. The metal outer-case is water and chemical resistant.

It also protects the inner components. The inner parts are strong and meet the set standards. As such, the fan can work for years.

2. Requires Small Space

Space is vital especially in homes and offices where the space is limited. The slim gadget is ideal for such places. With measurements of 7.5 in x 6 in x 31 in, it can be placed on the little space that is available. This helps in conserving the available area.

3. Easy Control

Not many people like moving while resting at home or working in an office. To solve such inconveniences, the manufacturer incorporated auto control features.

You can set the auto put on/off feature and change the modes with a remote. The auto switch-off enables it to go off when you are asleep.

4. 3 Speeds

It has low, medium, and high speed settings, and you can adjust the modes for the best experience. If it was single, you wouldn’t be in a position to enjoy extreme cool or a bit warmer air. Changing from one speed to another increases the experience.

5. Safe

Safety is always a priority when you are purchasing an item. All the components are certified by the relevant safety bodies. Also, the production process and final product meets the set thresholds. As such, you should enjoy your time without fear of explosion.

  • Produces low noise
  • Made of durable materials
  • Can serve medium-sized rooms
  • It is safe
  • It has multiple speeds
  • It has an auto switch-off
  • Requires a small space
  • It is portable
  • Thermostat is adjustable
  • It has a metallic cover
  • Not for large rooms
  • Has no breeze mode

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the measurements of the tower fan?

5 x 6 x 31 inches

  1. Can you move it to another room?

Yes. It is small and light, and has a carry-handle

  1. Does it have a warranty?

Yes. It has a 1-year limited warranty

  1. Is it grey in color?

No. The series is white in color

  1. What is its lifespan?

It can last for years

Final Verdict

The features of Holmes HTF3110A-WM 31-Inch Oscillating Tower Fan are awesome. Indeed, its oscillation capability that allows it to move 900 and 1800 on either side is fascinating.

It increases its coverage saving the customer funds for buying a bigger capacity appliance. The light weight makes it convenient to move from one room to the other with it.

Also, the remote features permit somebody to operate it from any part of the room. With multiple speeds, a person is assured of enjoying to the fullest. So, if it fits your needs, you can purchase it.

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